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Brazilian Institute of Sustainability

About us and our services

INBS is a think tank focused on developing knowledge about the environment, society, economy, and sustainability. Our main function is to influence decision-making in the public and private spheres.

In an increasingly dynamic market, certain strategies are needed that work specifically for each reality, promoting the transformation of companies, businesses, organizations, and people.

Because of this, all our work is focused on promoting strategic solutions based on knowledge and information, aiming to build an inclusive, ethical, and environmentally sustainable world.

Our services are grounded in encouraging sustainable development by providing smart solutions in sustainability and ESG to companies, public agencies, third sector entities, individuals, and society in general. Our services:

Sustainability and ESG consulting:

We assist companies in developing and implementing sustainability and ESG best practices and policies, with a focus on organizational transformation and generating results in front of the market.

Risk and Crisis Management Consulting:

We assist in the identification of threats with the potential generation of internal and external impacts for organizations. In addition, we advise in a strategic way corporate actions in case of environmental crises.

Consulting for Startups, Businesses, and Market:

Support for the feasibility, effectiveness, and operationalization of ideas, projects, startups, and new businesses. This entails the promotion of knowledge, guidance, and strategic advice, to businesses in development or relatively new in the market.


Professional and corporate training focused on the development of people, companies, and organizations, either on current issues or in high demand in the market, economy, and society. These are accessible, high-quality online education programs.


Strategic information so that people, companies, and organizations have access to quality content about the areas in which we operate, with a focus on socioeconomic and market transformation towards sustainable development.

We operate throughout the Brazilian territory; however, we also provide solutions to companies, organizations, and governments from other nations that intend to develop projects, businesses, and enterprises in Brazil.

We are available to understand and meet demands from other countries, applying all our knowledge to the needs of the market. Use the form below to contact us:

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